Cadets and Parents,

Welcome to the Combined Training Contingent 2016 at Camp Pendleton, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We are looking forward to an exciting and educational two week training beginning on Saturday (Friday for Staff and CS).  Hope you are ready!  In order to best prepare you for this adventure, here are some helpful hints and important reminders.  You are responsible for the following information, as well as the information previously provided in the Training Policies on each of the Training Webpages:

  • Submit a signed copy of each of the applicable forms to me at if you have not already done so.  They can be found under each of the training pages on this website.  Even if you are arriving by POV (by car) you must submit a signed travel information form.
  • Check in time for MAA Staff begins at 1400 on Friday 17 June.   Cadets will be provided a changing area to change into Service Dress Whites/Salt & Peppers prior to reporting in if needed.  Please do not try to check in prior to this time as officer staff will still be setting up. 
  • You must arrive with your current and valid NSCC ID Card, valid through the end of training
  • A full seabag inspection (see attached list) will be conducted during check in. Parents are required to stay until check in is complete. Be sure to have all the items listed, and do not bring anything not listed.   If a cadet is missing a seabag item, he/she will be required to purchase before being accepted into the training.  Be sure to have all items prior to check in and have each item labeled.

                           It is recommended that seabag items (especially small items like socks and undergarments) are separated and placed in quart/gallon Ziploc bags. This will

                           expedite the check in process.

  • You must have your Service Record with you at Check In.  Your Service Record must include the following (failure to have these items will delay your check in!):

                           - The Request for Training Authority (NSCTNG001) signed by parent and Commanding Officer

                           - Training Authority (NSCTNG005), initialed by your CO as being physically/medically qualified for this training

                           - NSCC Training Roster (NSCTNG008)

                           - Report of Medical History (NSCADM001 Page 3/4), updated in the past 30 days

                           - Report of Medical Exam (NSCADM001 Page 5/6), signed by a Physician/Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

                           - NSCC Training Check Off List (NSCTNG013)


  •  You will be required to pass the PRT to graduate and receive credit for training. 

NOTE:  THIS IS A NON-MEDICALLY FRIENDLY TRAINING.  No cadet who has a medical condition requiring accommodations or medication will be allowed to attend this training. This is for the cadets’ safety.  Though we have adults who are CPR/First Aid Certified, we do NOT have any personnel on staff full time who is a medical professional that can monitor their medical condition or dispense medication.   Medication includes supplements, vitamins, sleeping aids, and over the counter remedies, etc.  If a cadet requires medical attention while at training, parents will be notified and the cadet will be taken to Patient First or the Emergency Department at Virginia Beach Medical Center.



Please remind your cadet of his/her responsibility for their items when packing up at the end of training. Every year we have hundreds of dollars’ worth of gear left behind because cadets don’t bother to claim them. 

  • Absolutely no items left behind will be mailed to cadets.  We do not have the funds nor the time to ship them to these cadets after training. 
  • Personal items (including uniforms) that are left behind will be donated to local charity/non-profit organizations, regardless of value.  This includes boots, jackets, cell phones, and uniform parts.  Do not depart Camp Pendleton without checking out with the Training Staff as instructed!

 Two Facebook sites are available that will keep family and friends  up to date on what is going on with the training. Pictures will be posted there during training as time allows. Graduation information and changes will be posted here as well as on the Facebook Pages.   

NSCC Summer Training Camp Pendleton

Culinary Specialist Training Contingency USNSCC


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18 to 26 JULY 2015

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26 JULY to 1 AUGUST 2015

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18 June  to 2 July 2016

Check In @ 1300-1600, 18 June

Congratulations to all of our Summer Training Graduates!  

These web pages will remain posted for reference only, in order to assist future participants' planning. Information is subject to change for 2016.