Miranda Farnum-King '14, Color Guard

John Davenport '15, Division LPO

Sam Cook '16, Division LPO

Brenda Korlison '16, Honor Guard

Joseph Ear '16, Platoon Leader

​Trevor Hayes '16, Honor Guard

Sergio Aparico '17, Platoon Leader

​Jesse Chernault '17, Platoon Leader

Kyle King '17, Division Chief

Tamara Riffle '17, LPO

Victoria Williamson '17, Squad Leader

Fairfan Spike '18, Platoon Leader

Christopher Woodley '18, Platoon Leader

Parker Worrell '18, Master of Arms 

  • Alex Snyder  - US Air Force 
  • Molly Fishwick - US Navy Operations Specialist
  • Robert Easingwood - US Marine Corps
  • Teone Wilson - US Marine Corps
  • Christopher Harbin- US Marine Corps
  • Nicholas Weggen - US Navy Reserves
  • Ryan Pellegrino - US Navy Reserves
  • Joshua Clow  - US Marine Corps
  • Nathan DePumpo - Army National Guard
  • ​John Davenport - US Navy
  • Sam Cook - US Navy
  • Joseph Ear - US Navy

Jessica Clow '10, Chief of the Division

Alex Snyder '10 

Matthew Tate '11 

Joseph Weggen '11, Chief of the Division

Molly Fishwick '11, Division MAA 

Thor Buckner '11

​​​Travis Klein '12, Division LCPO 
Nicholas Weggen '12, Chief of the Division

Jasmine Craig '13, Division MAA

David Hairfield '13, Recruit Platton Leader

Russell Jarvis '13, Division LPO

Ryan Pellegrino '13, Child of the Division

Nathan DePumpo '14, Division LPO

Lydia Cox '14, Platoon Leader

Damon Turner ' 14

Mystikal Bunn-Allen '14


  In Memoriam

 Donald C. May, SSGT, USMC Killed in action: March 25, 2003 Staff Sergeant Donald C. May, USMC, 31, of Richmond, Virginia.; assigned to the 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, Twenty Nine Palms, California, was killed on March 25, 2003 when his tank plunged off a cliff into the Euphrates River. Staff Sergeant Donald C. May was a Navy League Cadet in Training Ship VIRGINIA from 1985 to 1987 and a Naval Sea Cadet in AMERICA Division, both in Richmond, Virginia, from 1987 until 1990. He attained the rate of PO2.

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Former cadets currently serving

or who have served in our Armed Forces

We thank them for their sacrifice and tireless devotion to duty

  • ​​​Allen Burkett - Former Navy Radioman, Retired as LCDR, Nurse Corps, USN
  • Richard Dekeyser - US Army Officer
  • Jason Bruce, US Army.
  • Chris Crumpler, Chief Corpsman, US Navy
  • Christopher Castro, US Navy Band
  • Candice Childers, US Naval Academy graduate, US Navy Officer
  • Steven Auman, US Navy
  • Todd Williamson, US Navy
  • Charles Randolph, US Naval Academy graduate, US Navy Officer
  • Justin Snell - US Naval Academy graduate; US Marine Corps Officer
  • Brian Dickerson - US Military Academy graduate; US Army Officer​

Allen Burkett '81

Jacob Allen '99, Chief of the Division

Candice Childers '01, Chief of the Division 

​William Martin '01

Richard Dekeyser '03, Chief of the Division

Jason Bruce, '02,  MAA, Drill Team 

Derrick Hanks '03, Division MAA

Todd Williamson '03, Drill Team

Christopher Castro '04, Color Guard

Hannah Harrison '04, MAA, Drill Team Co-Captain

Steven Auman '04, Drill Team

Lauren Smith '05, MAA

Kenneth Castro '05

Lauren Childers '06, Chief of the Division

Justin Snell '08, Division LPO

Justin Miller '09, Division LPT

Brian Dickerson 'o9, Division MAA